Looking for private English lessons?

Do you often travel and would like to communicate more easily with people abroad?
We offer private English lessons in the comfort of your own home, when it suits you best. Our trainers are native English speakers and have over 10 years’ experience in teaching English. We can easily adapt to your level and needs, and offer different types of courses, depending on your objectives and level in English (see Europa Council Evaluation Scale).


There are two possibilities:

  • With a professional training contract, wherein you bear all the training costs yourself
  • By the CESU “déclaratif” (under the declarative Cheques for Universal Employment Services regime). This means that you declare the trainer’s salary to the tax authority and benefit from a 50% tax advantage in exchange.

Learning method

The “direct” learning method is considered a natural approach to learning a foreign language.

This method consists of:

  • Teaching vocabulary without communicating or translating into your native language. The vocabulary is explained by the trainer using objects, images and gestures. No translation is allowed!
  • Teaching via the spoken rather than the written word. This way, you work on the correct pronunciation, comprehension and oral expression.
  • Teaching grammar implicitly. Each lesson is based on conversation exercises and questions-answers proposed by the trainer. Grammar is never studied explicitly.