Language Audits

Audit linguistique en entreprise
What is a language audit?

Language auditing is a means of mapping English language skills within a company. More specifically, the language audit:

  • Determines the linguistic needs of your employees, either by profession or by job description;
  • Establishes a “language reference” for each profession or job that takes into account the linguistic needs and objectives;
  • Assesses the current language skills of your employees and accurately determines the actual training needs according to the professional objectives (volume, educational program, training frequency…)

Our approach:

  • Analyse language needs and define the linguistic profile of each person to train;
  • An individual assessment of each employee to determine their level of expression and autonomy in English;
  • Definition of objectives: to determine realistic objectives to reach, the pedagogical content and rhythm that respect the professional and organisational constraints of the person concerned;
  • Establishment of a definitive training program for each employee to be trained (training volume, frequency, teaching materials…).

Assessment by an official language test

Companies can opt for their employees to sit an official BULATS test either at the beginning and/or at the end of the training.